15th August 1768

Plymouth Sound
At 4 a.m. weighed and worked into proper anchoring ground, and anchored in 6 fathoms, the Mewstone South-East, Mount Batten North-North-East 1/2 East, and Drake's Island North by West. Dispatched an Express to London for Mr. Banks and Dr. Solander to join the Ship, their Servants and Baggage being already on board. Wind North-Easterly.

First and latter parts Moderate breezes and fair; Middle squally, with heavy showers of rain. I this day received an order to Augment the Ship's Company to 85 Men, which before was but 70. Received on board fresh Beef for the Ship's Company. Wind South-West to South-East.

Note:  The photo is of modern view of Plymouth Sound showing Drake's Island [centre right] and the Breakwater in the foreground.  The Breakwater -- one mile long -- was not built until well after Cook's time.  For its history click here: http://www.plymouthdata.info/Breakwater.htm 

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