13th March 1769

Cape Horn to Tahiti
First part a Steady, fresh Gale; the remainder, little wind and fine Clear weather. Wind South-East; course North 48 degrees 15 minutes West; distance 72 miles; latitude 30 degrees 46 minutes South, longitude 125 degrees 28 minutes West.

Joseph Banks Journal
Almost calm to day tho not quite enough for going out in the boat. I saw a tropick bird for the first time hovering over the ship but flying very high; if my eyes did not deceive me it differd from that describd by Linnaeus, Phaeton aethereus, in having the long feathers of his tail red and his crissum black.

Towards even set the servants to work with a dipping net who took Mimus volutator and Phyllodoce velella, both exactly the same as those we have seen in the Atlantick ocean. Lat. 30.45, Long. 126.23.45.

[After the last few weeks I think we might all understand the tedium of a long ocean voyage in a ship that is only capable of a few knots.  But fear not, Tahiti is not far away and Cook, Banks and Parkinson have MUCH to say of the islands and its inhabitants in the Spring of 1769.  Roger R.]

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