10th May 1769

Joseph Banks Journal
This morn Captn Cooke planted divers seeds which he had brought with him in a spot of ground turnd up for the purpose. They were all bought of Gordon at Mile End and sent in bottles seald up, whether or no that method will succeed the event of this plantation will shew. Plenty of Bread fruit and cocoanuts again today. Towards evening Tubourai and Tomio returnd from the west and seemd extreemly glad to see all of us. We have now got the Indian name of the Island, Otahite, so therefore for the future I shall call it.

As for our own names the Indians find so much dificulty in pronouncing them that we are forcd to indulge them in calling us what they please, or rather what they say when they attempt to pronounce them. I give here the List: Captn Cooke - Toote, Dr Solander - Torano, Mr Hicks - Hete, Mr Gore - Toárro, Mr Molineux - Boba from his Christian name Robert, Mr Monkhouse - Mato, and myself Tapáne. In this manner they have names for almost every man in the ship.

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