19th June 2012

Punished James Tunley with 12 lashes for taking Rum out of the Cask on the Quarter Deck.

Joseph Banks Journal
The fish in the Canoes stink most immoderately so as in some winds to render our situation in the tents rather disagreable. This evening Oborea, Otheothea and Tuarua came to visit us for the first time since the affair of the Jacket; they were very desirous of sleeping in the fort but my Marquee was full of Indians and no one else chose to entertain them, so they were obligd to repair to their Canoes to sleep there rather out of humour.

Sydney Parkinson’s Journal
In the evening after dark; Oboreah, the queen, and several of her attendants, came from Opare, Tootahau's palace, in a double canoe, laden with plantains, bread-fruit, and a hog; but brought none of the stolen things with we afterrwards learned at Batavia, were fitted out by the French, and commanded by them, pleading, that Obade, her gallant, had stolen them, and was gone off with them. Mr. Banks received her very coolly; nor would suffer them to lie in the markee, he being already engaged; and the captain refused their presents, at which the queen appeared very sorrowful. Mr. Banks and the rest, went to-bed; and the whole tribe of the natives would have lain in the bell-tent, but I would not suffer them, and sent them away.

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