15th December 1769

Fresh Gales at South-West, and for the most part clear weather with a large Swell from the Westward. At 8 P.M. Tack'd and Stood to the South-East until 8 a.m., and then Tack'd and stood to the Westward with as much sail as the Ship could bear. At Noon we were in the Latitude of 34 degrees 10 minutes South, and Longitude 183 degrees 45 minutes West, and by Estimation about 15 Leagues from the Land notwithstanding we used our utmost Endeavours to keep in with it.

Joseph Banks Journal
More moderate but not more fair: we begin to think this Cape our Ne plus ultra.

Interesting posting from The Beagle, some 66 years later in the same seas : http://darwinbeagle.blogspot.co.uk/2010/12/31st-december-1835.html

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