9th May 1770

[Sailing north up the coast from Botany Bay, New South Wales]
Winds northerly; most part a fresh breeze, with which we stood off Shore until 12 at Night. At the distance of 5 Leagues from the land had 70 fathoms, at the distance of 6 Leagues 80 fathoms, which is the Extent of the Soundings, for at the Distance of 10 Leagues off we had no ground with 150 fathoms. Stood in Shore until 8 o'Clock A.M., and hardly fetched Cape Three Points; having a little wind at North-West by North, we tack'd, and stood off until Noon, at which Time we Tack'd with the wind at North-North-East, being then in the Latitude of 33 degrees 37 minutes South, Cape Three Points bearing North West by West, distance 4 Leagues.

Joseph Banks Journal
Wind continued foul and we turnd to windward all day to no manner of purpose.

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