17th - 18th July 1770

[At anchor in the Endeavour River]

17th. Wind at South-East, a fresh breeze; people employed as yesterday setting up the rigging. In the evening the Pinnace returned with 3 Turtles, 2 of which the Yawl caught and sent in. At 7 hours 41 minutes 17 seconds p.m. observ’d the first Satellite of Jupiter to Emerge, and the same Emersion hapned at Greenwich at 10 hours 00 minutes 52 seconds in the a.m.; the difference is 14 hours 19 minutes 35 seconds equal to 214 degrees 53 minutes 45 seconds of Longitude. The observation made on the 29th of last Month gave 214 degrees 42 minutes 30 seconds; the mean is 214 degrees 48 minutes 7 1/2 seconds, which this place is West of Greenwich.

18th. Winds at ESE a gentle breeze In the PM I sent the Master and one of the mates in the Pinnace to the northward to look for a Channell that way clear of the shoals. Mr Banks, Dr Solander and my self took a turn into the woods on the other side of the water where we met with five of the natives and altho we had not seen any of them before they came to us without showing the least signs of fear, two of these wore necklaces made of shells which they seem'd to Value as they would not part with them.

In the evening the Yawl came in with three turtle and early in the AM she went out again - about 8 oClock we was were viseted by several of the natives who now became more familiar than ever, soon after this Mr Banks and I went over to the south side of the harbour River and travel'd six or 8 miles along shore to the northward where we assended a high hill from whence I we had an extensive view of the Sea Coast to leeward which was cover'd with shoals as far as the eye could see afforded us a Meloncholy prospect of the difficultys we are incounter, for in what ever direction we turn'd our eys. Shoals inumberable were to be seen after this we return'd to the Ship without meeting with any thing remarkable and found several of the natives on board, at this time we had 12 Turtle upon our decks which they took more notice of then any thing else in the ship as I was told by the officers for their curiosity was satisfied before I got on board and they went away soon after.

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