1st and 2nd March 1771

[Batavia to Capetown]
1st. Fresh Gales and Cloudy. Found the Bitts which secures the foot of the Bowsprit, loose; this obliged us to put before the wind until they were secured in the best manner our situation would admit; this done, we hauld our wind again to the Westward under the Courses and close Reef'd Topsails. Wind South-West to South by West; course South 86 degrees 45 minutes West; distance 71 miles; latitude 29 degrees 41 minutes South; longitude 320 degrees 26 minutes West.

2nd. First part fresh Gales and Cloudy; remainder little wind, with some few showers of rain; a Sea from the South-West. Wind Southerly; course South 60 degrees West; distance 80 miles; latitude 30 degrees 21 minutes South; longitude 321 degrees 46 minutes West.

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