9th to 13th July 1771

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[With India Fleet, Homeward Bound]
9th. Fore and middle parts a Gentle breeze, and thick, Foggy
weather; remainder, a fresh Breeze and Cloudy. A swell from the
North-North-West all day. Wind South Westerly; course North 21 degrees
East; distance 100 miles; latitude 48 degrees 19 minutes North, longitude
8 degrees 1 minute West per Account, 8 degrees 7 minutes per Observation.

10th. Pleasant breezes and Clear weather. At 6 o'Clock in the
Morning sounded, and Struck ground in 60 fathoms Shells and Stones, by
which I judged we were the length of Scilly Isles. At Noon we saw land
from the Mast Head, bearing North, which we judged to be about the Land's
End. Soundings 54 fathoms, Coarse, Grey Sand. Wind Westerly; course North
44 degrees East; distance 97 miles; latitude 49 degrees 29 minutes North,
longitude 6 degrees 18 minutes West.

11th. Steady fresh breezes and clear weather. At 2 in the P.M.
saw the Lizardland, and at 6 o'clock the lighthouse bore North-West,
distant 5 Leagues, we being at this time, by my reckoning, in the
Longitude of 5 degrees 30 minutes West; soon after 2 Ships under their
Topsails between us and the land, which we took for Men of War. At 7
o'clock in the morning the Start Point bore North-West by North, distant
3 Leagues, and at Noon we reckon'd ourselves about 5 Leagues short of
Portland. This Forenoon a small cutter built vessel came under our Stern,
and inquir'd after the India Fleet, which, they said, they were cruizing
for and had not seen.

12th. Winds at South-West, a fresh Gale, with which we run
briskly up Channel. At 1/2 past 3 p.m. passed the Bill of Portland, and
at 7 Peverell Point; at 6 a.m. passed Beachy head at the distance of 4 or
5 miles; at 10 Dungeness, at the distance of 2 miles, and at Noon we were
abreast of Dover.

13th. At 3 o'clock in the P.M. anchor'd in the Downs, and soon
after I landed in order to repair to London.

(Signed) JAMs COOK.

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