1st February 1770

[In Ship Cove, Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand]
P.M. having compleated the Ship with wood, and filled all our water, the Boatswain was sent ashore with a party of Men to cut and make brooms, while others were Employ'd about the rigging, fishing, etc. In the night and the remainder of the day had a Strong Gale from the North-West, attended with very much rain.

Joseph Banks Journal
Raind this morn very hard, as hard I think as it possibly could; our poor little wild musicians were totaly disturbd by it. In the Even it came on to blow very hard, so much so that the ship drove and for the first time in the Voyage we had 3 anchors down.

Sydney Parkinson Journal
We had a strong wind from the N.E. The hawser with which we moored the ship was broke by the strain of the sea, it being fastened on shore to a tree, and we were obliged to let go another bower. It rained all this day and part of the next, continuing, without intermission for thirty-two hours.

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