22nd September 1770

[From Savu to Sunda Strait]
Winds at South-South-East, South-East, and East; a gentle breeze, which we steer'd West-South-West by Compass. At 4 o'Clock we discover'd a small low Island* (* Dama Island.) bearing South-South-West, distant 3 Leagues. The Island hath no place in any of our Charts: Latitude 10 degrees 47 minutes South, Longitude 238 degrees 28 minutes West. At Noon we were in the Latitude of 11 degrees 9 minutes South, Longitude 239 degrees 26 minutes West. Course and distance sail'd since yesterday noon, South 63 West, 67 miles.

Joseph Banks Journal
Still but little wind. Many very large Albecores were leaping about the ship at night; some bobies but none were fools enough to settle on the Rigging.

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