4th August 1770

[Off South-west Coast of New Guinea]
Stood to the Westward all this day, having at first a moderate breeze Southerly, which afterwards freshned and Veered to South-East and East-South-East. We keept on sounding all the time, having from 14 to 30 fathoms not regular, but sometimes more and sometimes less. At noon we were in 14 fathoms; by observation in the Latitude of 6 degrees 44 minutes South, Longitude 223 degrees 51 minutes West. Course and distance sail'd since Yesteday Noon South 76 minutes West, 120 Miles.

Joseph Banks Journal
Brisk trade and fine weather. The alterd Countenances of our common people were still more perceivable than they were yesterday. Two thirds allowance had I beleive made the cheif difference with them, for our provisions were now so much wasted by keeping that that allowance was little more than was necessary to keep life and soul together.

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