7th October 1770

[In Sunda Strait]
Light Air from the Southward with frequent Calms. At 6 o'Clock P.M., weighed with a light breeze at South-South-West, which was not sufficient to stem the current, and was therefore obliged to come too again, in 15 fathoms. At 10 o'Clock weighed again and stood to the Eastward with the Wind at South-South-East. At 11 A.M., Anchor'd in 21 fathoms, the West end of Wapping Island bore South, distant 3 Miles, and the Thousand Islands North by East 1/2 East, distant 3 or 4 Miles. Found the Current still set to the Westward.

Joseph Banks Journal
Got the Land breeze in the Night as usual and saild with it till morn, when we were almost up with Wapping Isle calld by the Malays Pulo Tidong where we anchord and lay still. The current was pretty strong and brought with it great plenty of Sea sawdust among which were even here some leaves and other productions of the land, also many Cuttle Fish bones, Portugese men of war and other recrements of the Sea. In the afternoon we had a faint sea breeze which ran us very near the lengh of the third Island and then left us, so that the Current took hold of the ship unawares and had almost set her ashore on a small ledge of rocks, on which was not water enough for a small boat which we sent to examine them. After we were at an anchor in the night we observd lights upon some of the Islands cald Bedroe or Les Milles Isles, some of which lay much nearer to Pulo Tidong than they are laid down in any of the draughts.

Sydney Parkinson Journal
We weighed and dropped anchor several times, having light breezes and calms: however, the tide shifting in our favour, we reached, that day, as far as Pulo Babi, which lies in the bay of Bantam, and passed Pulo Panjang.

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