11th and 12th June 1771

[With India Fleet, Homeward Bound]
11th. Ditto weather. A Smooth Sea. Wind North-East by East;
course North 18 minutes West; distance 67 miles; latitude 32 degrees 16
North, longitude 45 degrees 14 minutes West.

12th. Light breezes and clear weather. Variation by the
Amplitude in the Evening 7 degrees 0 minutes West, and by Azimuth in the
Morning 6 degrees 55 minutes West. Exercised Great Guns and Small Arms.
Wind East by South; course North-North-East; distance 48 miles; latitude 
33 degrees 8 minutes North, longitude 44 degrees 53 minutes West.

Joseph Banks Journal

11th.  Rather more weed than lately. Quite calm so that I went out in the boat and took up many individuals of all the species mentiond before but nothing new.

12th.  Water as smooth as in a harbour: were we in an unknown sea we should build much on the probability of some Land in the neighbourhood. Some Porpoises and Skipjacks were seen but very little weed.

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