25th to 30th June 1771

[With India Fleet, Homeward Bound]
25th. First part and remainder a fresh breeze and Cloudy. Wind
North-East to North-North-East; course South 85 degrees East; distance 58
miles; latitude 40 degrees 39 minutes North, longitude 23 degrees 33
minutes West.

26th. First part, breezes; remainder, little wind. Wind North
by East; course North 86 degrees 45 minutes East; distance 72 miles;
latitude 40 degrees 43 minutes North, longitude 21 degrees 58 minutes

27th. Moderate breezes and Cloudy weather. Wind Westerly;
course North 54 minutes East; distance 54 miles; latitude 41 degrees 14
minutes North, longitude 20 degrees 59 minutes West.

28th. Fresh breezes, with Showers of Rain. Wind West to
North-North-West; course North 38 degrees East; distance 123 miles;
latitude 42 degrees 55 minutes North, longitude 19 degrees 18 minutes

29th. First part, little wind; remainder, Fresh Gales and
Squally, with Showers of Rain. Wind South-West to West and North-East;
course North 59 degrees 15 minutes East; distance 86 miles; latitude 43
degrees 39 minutes North, longitude 17 degrees 36 minutes West.

30th. Gentle breezes and fair weather. Variation in the Evening
18 degrees 30 minutes West, and in the Morning 19 degrees 30 minutes.
Wind Northerly; course North 50 degrees 45 minutes East; distance 87
miles; latitude 44 degrees 34 minutes North, longitude 16 degrees 2

minutes West.

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