7th January 1770

[Off Kaipara Harbour, North Island, New Zealand]
Variable light Airs and Sometimes Calm with Clear pleasant weather. At daylight saw the land which we took to be Cape Maria Van Diemen bearing North-North-East, distant 8 or 9 Leagues. At Noon Latitude in per Observation 35 degrees 0 minutes South. Cape Maria Van Diemen bore North, distant 11 Leagues.

Joseph Banks Journal
Calm again: Myself shooting killd Procellaria longipes and melanopus and saw a turtle Just before sunset who being awake divd immediately. What wind there was was fair tho scarce a breath of it, yet even that made us hope for better times.

Sydney Parkinson Journal
Light breezes and calms for several days, with fair weather, and were out of sight of land. On that day we saw a sun-fish, very short and thick, having scarce any tail, but two large sins; it was as big as a shark, and of the same colour.

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