19th March 1770

[Off West Coast of South Island, New Zealand]
In the P.M. had a fresh breeze at South-West by West and West-South-West, which we made the most of until 6, when we shortned sail, and at 10 brought too, and sounded 115 fathoms, judging ourselves to be about 5 Leagues from the land. At midnight it fell little wind, on which account we made sail. At 8 a.m. the wind veer'd to the North-West by North, with which we stood to the North-East close upon a wind until noon, at which time we Tack'd, being about 3 Leagues from the land, and by Observation in the Latitude of 42 degrees 8 minutes and Longitude from Cape West 5 degrees 5 minutes East* (* The Endeavour had passed the mouth of the Grey River, the district of the great coalfields of New Zealand.) Course and distance run since Yesterday at Noon North 35 degrees East, 68 Miles; Depth of Water 65 fathoms, the land extending from North-East by North to South-South-West.

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