22nd March 1770

[Off West Coast of South Island, New Zealand]
In the P.M. had a Gentle breeze from the South-South-West, with which we steer'd along shore North-East until 8, when being about 2 or 3 Leagues from shore we sounded, and had 34 fathoms, upon which we haul'd off North-West by North until 11, then brought too, having at this time 64 fathoms. At 4 a.m. made sail to the North-East, wind at South-South-West, a light breeze. At 8 the wind veer'd to the Westward, and soon after fell Calm; at this time we were about 3 or 4 Miles from the Shore, and in 54 fathoms, having a large swell from the West-South-West rowling Obliquely upon the Shore, which put me under a good deal of Apprehension that we should be obliged to Anchor; but by the help of a light Air now and then from the South-West quarter we were Enabled to keep the Ship from driving much nearer the shore. At Noon the Northermost land in sight bore North-East by East 1/4 East, distant 8 or 10 Leagues; our Latitude by account was 40 degrees 55 minutes South, Longitude from Cape West 6 degrees 35 minutes East; Course and distance sail'd since Yesterday at Noon North 36 degrees East, 42 Miles; very foggy over the Land.

Joseph Banks Journal
Cloudey mistey and calm all day. Once we were very near the shore on which we saw that there was a most dreadfull surf, occasiond by the S and SW swell which has reignd without intermission ever since we have been upon this side of the land.

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