11th April 1770

[New Zealand to New Holland]
Gentle breezes from the North-West, and pleasant weather, with some few showers of rain. In the A.M. found the Variation to be 13 degrees 48 minutes East, which is 2 1/2 degrees more than it was yesterday, altho' I should have expected to have found it less, for the observations were equally good. At Noon Latitude in 39 degrees 7 minutes South, Longitude made from Cape Farewell 17 degrees 23 minutes; and Course and distance sail'd since Yesterday noon South 62 degrees West, 34 Miles.

Joseph Banks Journal
Calm: myself went out a shooting and killd Diomedea exulans and impavida, saw profuga; Procellaria melanopus, Velox, Oceanica, Vagabunda and longipes, Nectris fuliginosa, which I find to be the same bird as was seen by the Master and Tupia on the 6th. Took up with dipping net Mimus volutator, Medusa pelagica, Dagysa cornuta, Phyllodoce velella and Holothuria obtusata, of which last an Albatross that I had shot dischar [g]d a large quantity, incredible as it may appear that any animal should feed upon this blubber, whose stings innumerable give a much more Acute pain to a hand which touches them than Nettles.

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