16th April 1770

[New Zealand to New Holland]
Fresh Gales at North-North-West, with Cloudy, hazey weather. In the P.M. saw an Egg Bird, and yesterday a Gannet was seen; these are Birds that we reckon never to go far from land. We kept the lead going all night, but found no soundings with 100 and 130 fathoms line. At noon we were in the Latitude of 39 degrees 40 minutes South, and had made 22 degrees 2 minutes of Longitude from Cape Farewell; course and distance sail'd since Yesterday at Noon South 82 degrees West, 108 Miles.

Joseph Banks Journal
No dew this morn: weather moderate and cloudy. In the Morn Tupia saw a large float of sea weed and shewd it to one other man; it was however so far from the ship that no one else saw it. At noon Our second Lieutenant observd a small Butterfly as he thought. At night some Thunder and a fresh gale at SW, with a heavy swell which seemd to keep rather to the Westward of the Wind. Many Albatrosses and black shearwaters were about the ship. At night a small land bird came on board about the size of a sparrow; some of the boys tried to catch it but it got from them in the rigging and was never seen after.

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