1st & 2nd April 1770

1st April.
In the P.M. had a moderate breeze at East, which in the Night Veer'd to the North-East, and was attended with hazey, rainy weather. I have before made mention of our quitting New Zeland with an intention to steer to the Westward, which we accordingly did, taking our departure from Cape Farewell in the Latitude of 40 degrees 30 minutes South and Longitude 185 degrees 58 minutes West from Greenwich, which bore from us at 5 p.m. West 18 degrees North, distance 12 Miles. After this we steer'd North-West and West-North-West, in order to give it a good berth, until 8 o'Clock a.m., at which time we steered West, having the Advantage of a fresh Gale at North by East. At Noon our Latitude by account was 40 degrees 12 minutes South, Longitude made from Cape Farewell 1 degree 11 minutes West.

2nd April.
In the P.M. had a moderate Gale at North, with thick hazey weather, attended with rain. At 8 it fell little wind, and Veer'd to West-South-West, at which time we Tack'd. At Midnight the wind came to South-South-West, and increased to a brisk gale with fair Cloudy weather, which we made the most of as soon as it was daylight. At Noon our Latitude, by Observation, was 40 degrees 0 minutes, and Longitude made from Cape Farewell 2 degrees 31 minutes West.

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