1st & 2nd August 1770

[At Anchor, Endeavour River]
1st. Strong Gales from the South-East, with Squalls attended with Rain. P.M., the Yawl came in with 2 Rays, which together weighed 265 pounds; it blow'd too hard all the time they were out for striking Turtle. Carpenters employ'd overhauling the Pumps, all of which we find in a state of decay; and this the Carpenter says is owing to the Sap having been left in, which in time has decay'd the sound wood. One of them is quite useless, and was so rotten when hoisted up as to drop to peices. However, I cannot complain of a Leaky Ship, for the most water She makes is not quite an Inch an Hour.

2nd. Winds and weather as yesterday, or rather more Stormy; we have now no Success in the Sein fishing, hardly getting above 20 or 30 pounds a day.

Joseph Banks Journal
1st. During the Night it Blew as hard as ever; the Day was rainy with less wind but still not moderate enough for our undertakings.

2nd. Moderate and very rainy; great hopes that the Rain is a presage of approaching moderate weather.

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