23rd to 25th February 1771

[Batavia to Capetown]
23rd. Ditto Winds and weather. Variation per Evening Amplitude 17 degrees 30 minutes West. Wind Ditto; course South 64 degrees 14 minutes West; distance 124 miles; latitude 26 degrees 59 minutes; longitude 309 degrees 6 minutes West, 311 degrees 28 minutes per Observation.

24th. Gentle breezes and fair weather. In the A.M. took the opportunity of a fine morning to stay the Main Mast, and set up the Topmast Rigging. Saw an Albatross. Wind Ditto; course South 66 degrees 45 minutes West; distance 117 miles; latitude 27 degrees 45 minutes South; longitude 311 degrees 7 minutes West, 313 degrees 41 minutes per Observation.

25th. Gentle Gales, and fair weather. Variation per Evening Azimuth 24 degrees 20 minutes West, and by the Morning Amplitude 24 degrees West Longitude; by Observation of the [circle around a dot, sun] and [crescent, moon] is 3 degrees to the Westwarn of the Log, which shews that the Ship has gain'd upon the Log 1 degree 5 minutes in 3 Days, in which time we have always found the Observ'd Latitude to the Southward of that given by the Log. These Joint Observations proves that there must be a current setting between the South and West. Wind East by South; course South 58 degrees 30 minutes West; distance 122 miles; latitude 28 degrees 49 minutes South; longitude 313 degrees 6 minutes West, 316 degrees 6 minutes per Observation.

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