5th and 6th February 1771

[Batavia to Capetown]
5th. A fresh Trade wind, and hazey, cloudy weather. Employ'd repairing Sails; appointed Samuel Evans, one of the Boatswain's Mates, and Coxswain of the Pinnace, to be Boatswain, in the room of Mr. Gathrey, deceased, and order'd a Survey to be taken of the Stores. Wind East by South; course West 15 degrees South; distance 141 miles; latitude 18 degrees 6 minutes South; longitude 270 degrees 54 minutes West.

6th. A Fresh Trade wind and fair weather. In the night died Mr. John Monkhouse, Midshipman, and Brother to the late Surgeon. Wind South-East; course West 12 degrees South; distance 126 miles; latitude 18 degrees 30 minutes South; longitude 272 degrees 28 minutes West.

Joseph Banks Journal
5th. Weather as usual but tho' it prevented it could not cure intirely our disease, one more dying of it today.

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