7th to 9th February 1771

[Batavia to Capetown]
7th. Gentle Gales, with some Showers in the night. In the Evening found the variation to be 3 degrees 24 minutes West, and in the Morning I took several observations of the Sun and Moon, the mean result of which, carried on to Noon, gave 276 degrees 19 minutes West Longitude from Greenwich, which is 2 degrees to the Westward of that given by the Log; this, I believe, is owing to a following Sea, which I have not as yet allowed, for I judge it to be 6 miles a day since we have had the South-East Trade wind. Wind South-East; course South 75 degrees 15 minutes West; distance 110 miles; latitude 18 degrees 58 minutes South; longitude 274 degrees 20 minutes per Log, 276 degrees 19 minutes per Observation.

8th. Winds as Yesterday; clear weather in the day, and Showrey in the Night. In the morning took Observations again of the Sun and Moon, the mean result of which, reduced to noon, gave 278 degrees 50 minutes West, which is 2 degrees 31 minutes West of Yesterday's Observation; the log gives 2 degrees 20 minutes. Wind South-East; course South 78 degrees West; distance 127 miles; latitude 19 degrees 24 minutes South; longitude 276 degrees 40 minutes per Log, 278 degrees 50 minutes per Observation.

9th. Gentle Gales and fair weather in the morning. Saw a Ship on our Larboard Quarter, which hoisted Dutch Colours. Wind South-East; course South 74 degrees 30 minutes West; distance 127 miles; latitude 19 degrees 58 minutes South.

Joseph Banks Journal
7th. Our people who were not very bad before the 1st of this month were now almost universaly recoverd, but there were still several in the ship who at that time were very bad; these remaind unalterably the same neither becoming better nor worse. Through the whole course of this distemper Medicine has been of little use, the Sick generaly proceeding gradualy to their end without a favourable symptom, till the change of weather stopd in a manner instantaneously the Malignant quality of the disease.

8th. A large Dutch ship in sight but she soon outsaild us as her fellows had done before her.

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