10th September 1769

Society Islands to New Zealand
Fresh breezes and cloudy. At 9 a.m. we thought the Colour of the Sea was paler than usual, which occasioned us to sound, but had no ground with 100 fathoms. Wind South-West, West-South-West; course North 52 degrees West; distance 97 miles; latitude 35 degrees 19 minutes South, longitude 150 degrees 46 minutes West.

Joseph Banks Journal
This morn a fog bank was seen upon our quarter which much resembled land, we bore after it but were soon convincd of our mistake. More birds than yesterday: Pintado birds, both the albatrosses, the small grey backd bird like a dove (Mother Careys dove), the grey backd shearwater of the 31st, and a small kind of Mother Careys chicken black above and white underneath.

Sydney Parkinson’s Journal
On the 10th, we had squally weather, with the wind at S.S.W. saw some sea-weed, and had several white squalls, which looked as is we had been near land.

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