24th September 1769

Society Islands to New Zealand
Moderate breezes and Cloudy. At Noon saw some sea-Weed. The Southerly swell is now quite gone down. Wind South-East to North-East; course South 35 West; distance 97 miles; latitude 33 degrees 18 minutes South, longitude 162 degrees 51 minutes West.

Joseph Banks Journal
Weather very moderate: some birds seen, in the morning a flock. A peice of sea weed and a peice of wood or something that lookd like it and was coverd with Barnacles were seen from the ship.

Sydney Parkinson’s Journal
The breeze continued till the 24th, with fair and moderate weather. We steered S.S.W. in hopes of discovering the continent. Latitude 31° 24' south, and 162 west longitude. On that day the wind came about to the east: we saw some sea-weeds, and a log of wood about three feet long.

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