26th September 1769

[Image: One of Sydney Parkinson's line drawings, this one of the Endeavour at sea]

Society Islands to New Zealand
Fresh breezes and fair weather. Wind North-North-East; course South-West; distance 136 miles; latitude 36 degrees 9 minutes South, longitude 167 degrees 14 minutes West.

Joseph Banks Journal
Blows fresh today: fewer birds in sight than usual in such weather. Several large leaves of sea weed have been seen to go by the Ship today but no heaps of it.

Sydney Parkinson’s Journal
On the 26th, we had a fresh breeze from the north, with the weather gloomy. We saw several parcels of sea-weed, of that kind called Leather-weed, in latitude 35ยบ 53' S. 162 longitude. In the night we had a very hard gale from the north, with heavy showers of rain.

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