19th September 1769

Society Islands to New Zealand
Variable; light Airs and Calm. Variation per Amplitude at sunset, 8 degrees 36 minutes East; per Azimuth in the morning, 8 degrees 29 minutes East; mean, 8 degrees 32 1/2 minutes East. A large hollow swell from the Southward. Wind Variable; course East; distance 6 miles; latitude 29 degrees 00 minutes South, longitude 159 degrees 25 minutes West.

Joseph Banks Journal
Quite calm today go out in the boat and shoot Procellaria velox (the dove of the 31st), vagabunda (the grey backd shearwater of the same day), Passerina (the small mother Careys chicken of the 10th). Took with the dipping net Medusa vitrea, Phillodoce velella to one specimen of which stuck Lepas anatifera, Doris complanata, Helix violacea, Cancer..... Very few birds were to be seen, there were however some Albatrosses and a kind of Shearwater quite black which I was not fortunate enough to shoot. A large hollow swell from the South.

Sydney Parkinson’s Journal
On the 19th, it was calm till the afternoon, and then we had a short breeze from the east. Mr. Banks went in the boat, and shot some Pintados, and caught some Molusca, Doris, Phyllodore, and the fine purple Limax, which were swimming upon the water. At night the water was full of flashes of light, occasioned by the Molusca. Latitude 29° S. Longitude 159 W. and we had a great swell from the S.W.

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