17th January 1771

[Batavia to Capetown]
Little wind and fair at 6 p.m. Java head bore East-North-East, distant 4 or 5 Leagues; at 6 a.m. it bore North-North-East, 12 Leagues. Wind North-East; course South 27 degrees 15 minutes West; distance 48 miles; latitude 7 degrees 32 minutes South; longitude 255 degrees 35 minutes West.

Joseph Banks Journal
Calms and light breezes still detaind us till eve when a pleasant breeze sprung up and gave us hopes of soon gaining the trade wind, which we impatiently longd for, especialy myself who had my fever every day; nor was I the only sick man, many began to complain of purgings. Some tropick birds and Gannets (Pelecanus risc) were seen.

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