5th January 1771

[At Krakatoa]
Had fresh breezes at South-West, with squally, rainy weather until the evening, when it clear up, and the wind veer'd to South and South-East, with which we stood to the South-West all night. In the morning the wind veer'd to North-East, which was still in our favour; at noon Princes Island bore West 1/2 South, distant 3 Leagues.

Joseph Banks Journal
Ashore today trading; the Indians dropd their demands very slowly but were very civil, towards noon however they came down to the offerd price, so that before night we had bought up a large quantity of Turtle. In the Evening I went to pay my respects to his majesty the king, who I found at his house in the middle of a rice feild cooking his own supper; he receivd me however very politely.

Sydney Parkinson Journal
We arrived and anchored at Prince’s Island, on the east side, (the water of which was very deep close to the shore)...

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