6th January 1771

[At Anchor. Princes Island, Sunda Strait]
At 3 o'clock in the P.M. anchor'd under the South-East side of Princes Island in 18 fathoms water, in order to recruite our wood and water, and to procure refreshments for the people, which are now in a much worse state of health than when we left Batavia. After coming to an anchor I went on shore to look at the watering place, and to speak with the Natives, some of whom were upon the Beach. I found the watering place convenient, and the water to all appearance good, Provided proper care is taken in the filling of it. The Natives seemed inclined to supply us with Turtle, Fowls, etc.; Articles that I intended laying in as great a stock as possible for the benefit of the Sick, and to suffer every one to purchase what they pleased for themselves, as I found these people as easy to traffick with as Europeans. In the morning sent the Gunner ashore with some hands to fill water, while others were empboy'd putting the whole to rights, sending on shore Empty Casks, etc. Served Turtle to the Ship's Company. Yesterday was the only Salt meat day they have had since our arrival at Java, which is now near 4 months.

Joseph Banks Journal
Many People were down at the trading place with fowls, fish, Monkeys, small Deer, etc. etc. but few or no Turtle, they said that we had bought them all the day before.

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