24th January 1771

[Batavia to Capetown]
First part Light Airs, the remainder Calm. In the A.M. died John Trusslove, Corporal of Marines, a man much esteem'd by every body on board. Many of our people at this time lay dangerously ill of Fevers and Fluxes. We are inclinable to attribute this to the water we took in at Princes Island, and have put lime into the Casks in order to purifie it. Wind South-West by South to South-South-East; course South; distance 4 miles; latitude 9 degrees 34 minutes South; longitude 256 degrees 50 minutes West.

Joseph Banks Journal
My distemper this day turnd out to be a flux attended (as that disease always is) with excrutiating pains in my bowels, on which I took to my bed. In the Eve Mr Sporing died.

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