13th August 1769

Tahiti to New Zealand
Moderate breezes and Clear weather. Variation 5 degrees 40 minutes East. Wind East by North; course South 16 degrees East; distance 96 miles; latitude 21 degrees 47 minutes South, longitude 151 degrees 9 minutes West.

Joseph Banks Journal
At noon today high land in sight which proved to be Tupias Island of Oheter-a. At night we were close in with it. He sayd that there were many other Islands from south to south west of us most of their names beginning with Ohete, none however were in sight. Many Albecores have been about the ship all the evening, Tupia took one and had not his rod broke would probably have taken many. He usd an Indian fish hook made of mother of pearl so that it servd at the same time both for hook and bait.

Sydney Parkinson’s Journal
At noon, having had a brisk wind for three days, we discovered high land, and, toward night, approached near it. Toobaiah informed us that it was an island called Oheiteroah, being one of the cluster of nine, and bore the title of Oheite added to them.

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