20th August 1769

Society Islands to New Zealand
Little wind all this day. Saw a large Albetross. Wind North-West; course South-East by South; distance 57 miles; latitude 28 degrees 24 minutes South, longitude 148 degrees 25 minutes West.

Joseph Banks Journal
A Large Albatross about the ship most of the day. Little wind, the swell less than yesterday but still troublesome, at night a heavy Dew.

Sydney Parkinson’s Journal
We had a stiff gale all day, with hazy weather, and some thunder and lightening from the west; we scudded before the wind, having the foresail and two topsails close-reefed set. The swell was so great that the ship rolled prodigiously, and every thing was thrown down. We saw several Pintado birds, and Shear-waters.

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