29th August 1769

Society Islands to New Zealand
Fore and Middle parts fresh Gales and Dark, Hazey weather with some rain. At 5 a.m. saw a Comet in the North. Wind North-West to South-West; course South 1/4 East; distance 96 miles; latitude 37 degrees 0 minutes South, longitude 147 degrees 21 minutes West.

Joseph Banks Journal
Very moderate and pleasant, scarce any motion; few or no birds about the ship. In the course of last night a phenomenon was seen in the heavens which Mr Green says is either a comet or a Nebulus he does not know which, the Seamen have observd it these 3 nights.

Sydney Parkinson’s Journal
The weather being clear, at about four o'clock we saw a comet, about 60 degrees above the horizon. Latitude 37°.

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