27th August 1769

Society Islands to New Zealand
First part little wind and Cloudy; latter part, fresh Gales and Clear weather. Variation per Azimuth 6 degrees 40 minutes East. Saw several Albetrosses, Pintado Birds and Sheer Waters. Wind West, North-North-West; course South 5 degrees East; distance 55 miles; latitude 33 degrees 34 minutes, longitude 147 degrees 25 minutes.

Joseph Banks Journal
Pleasant breeze: birds today as plentifull as ever, Albatrosses of both kinds, Pintados and grey shearwaters. 

Sydney Parkinson’s Journal
We had clear weather, with the wind at north, but, toward the evening, it was squally. We saw several albatrosses, pintados, and shear-waters. Latitude 33° 35'.—On the same day we killed a dog, and dressed him, which we brought from Yoolee-Etea: he was excessively fat, although he had eaten nothing while he had been on board.

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