22nd August 1769

Society Islands to New Zealand
First part Strong Gales with much rain, Thunder, and Lightning; remainder moderate and fair weather. About Noon saw some rock weed, an Albetross, and some Smaller Sea Birds. Wind North by West, South-West by West; course South 14 degrees East; distance 81 miles; latitude 31 degrees 3 minutes South, longitude 148 degrees 00 minutes West.

Joseph Banks Journal
Fresh breeze of wind but little sea. Several Albatrosses and Pintado birds about the ship today.

Sydney Parkinson’s Journal
We had fine clear weather, and the wind much abated. We saw some Albatrosses, and several Pintado birds. This bird is barred on the wing with black and white, from whence the name in Spanish, a Cheque-board. We also saw several parcels of sea-weed. Latitude 31° 3' S. Wind S.W. and by W.

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